Does HCG Diet Really Work?

The answer is Yes and No.

See, there is a problem with HCG Diet. People are scrambling for HCG drops instead of HCG Injections. The original HCG diet protocol mentions using HCG injections. However, nowadays there is a craze to get HCG drops. But there is one problem with HCG drops. They are fake and Illegal.

The FDA has cracked down on several HCG drops sellers for selling fake homeopathic HCG drops to customers as real ones. Most companies have shut down or have changed their name without the HCG in it.

For instance, consider the HCG brand HCG 1234. It was a very popular HCG diet drop. Even on Amazon this brand had several customer reviews and had a history of high sales compared to other HCG drops. However, FDA has seemed to crack down on this company and now the name has been changed to Pounds and Inches.

Another such example is HCG complex. Now, the name is changed to Complex Diet Drops. See the irony.

Moreover, one must understand that these are all homeopathic drops. And homeopathic drops do not help in weight loss. What you need is pure Homeopathic HCG drops. Unfortunately for you, these kinds of drops are only prescribed by medical doctors. You can not get your hand on pharmaceutical grade HCG drops without prescription. And even if you did get one that would be illegal.

Therefore, HCG diet works only if you have pure HCG hormone to accompany the diet

Where Can I find Pure HCG Drops?

There are only a few places where you can find HCG drops that are pure. One of them is Nuimage Medical and the other is Telewellness MD.

Nuimage Medical:

This company is legit and superior in quality compared to other companies that sell HCG drops. This company provides medical and personal support to all its customers. It is sort of an online pharmacy and registered with the US government. When you get into their program a doctor will consult you and make a prescription according to your weight loss goals. You can visit their center and get injected with HCG injections or order them at home. You get email and phone support as long as you are in the program. The Only drawback is that they are expensive.

TeleWellness MD

I don’t know much about this company but I do know that they are legit. They work best and are less expensive when compared to Nuimage Medical. Their basic injection kit costs only $99. But if you consider the price of Nuimage Medical it is priced around $300.

Real HCG Hormone Drops:

If you don’t want injections and still wish to try HCG drops then I recommend you visit real HCG hormone drops  or an HCG drops reviewing website and provides a list of HCG drop that is pure and pharmaceutical grade. However, I suggest you try HCG injections.

To conclude HCG diet does work. All you have to do is get hold of pure HCG injection irrespective of whether its injection or oral drops.